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Blogathon Top #3 - Great Trailers

And because making trailers is an art too, here goes my favorite Japanese trailers:

Death by Hanging (1968) - Nagisa Oshima
A passionate and insightful introduction by Nagisa Oshima himself on the objectives of this piece of revolutionary filmmaking. This trailer could be somehow a sort of a foreword to the film. It works quite well as a manifesto too.

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) - Toshio Matsumoto

A long, bizarre trailer that reflects the general mood of this experimental film by Toshio Matsumoto.

The Man Who left his Will on Film (1970) - Nagisa Oshima

Oshima Nagisa does it again! Although this trailer is directed by Masao Adachi (one of the first landscape theorics) it clearly reflects the main themes of the movie: real and irreal coexisting toghether in some sort of a dream-like world, filled with enigmatic landscapes. «-Mr. Oshima, does the man really exist? - I don't know.»

Mandala (1971) - Akio Jissoji

Just experience this terrific montage of still images and freeze-frames. Jissoji's erotic film must be exactly like this: mystic, unexplainable, sacred.

Throw away your books, Rally in the Streets (1971) - Shuji Terayama
Terayama's mind-blowing exercise on teen-angst, helped by the exquisite sounds by J.A Seazer is here in its pure anarchic form. A fantastic trailer in form of a wild visual synopsis!

Ryoma's Assassination (1973) - Kazuo Kuroki
Maybe tied with Shura , Ryoma's Assassination is one of the best chambara trailers ever. Its dark chorus in the beggining plus its pace delivers us a single experience, wishing that the movie could be avaible with English subtitles!

To Sleep so as to dream (1986) - Kaizo Hayashi
Kaizo Hayashi's tribute to silent films creates a misterious trailer with a nostalgic music, remembering lost images that maybe will never rise again.

Boiling Point (1990) - Takeshi Kitano
This one is Kitano on acids! I can never forget the random remix of the Exorcist music, the advice notes that appear on the screen and best of all, the voice in the end repeating the mad title of the movie, while Kitano's autistic gaze is upon us.

Ley Lines (1999) - Takashi Miike
Although we can say that Miike has done better, Ley Lines trailer is just the best.I love the melancholic music by Koji Endo and Naoto Takenaka's voice works so well in the sad mood of it.

Pistol Opera (2001) - Seijun Suzuki
Seijun's Suzuki return to movies made Pistol Opera's trailer promising a lot. It has a excellent music, gangster and surrealistic imagery! What can you ask more? Well, it turned out to be even more exciting than the real film...

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