quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009

Notes #2 - Summer's Essence

(Kikujiro no Natsu, 1999)

Summer joy is all about forgetting that we are alive. Is to feel that time does not exist anymore, that it stopped, breathless, near the sunlight. Summer knowledge is to think that we have all eternity (painted in blue, yellow, and green tones) ahead of us. That is why Kikujiro no Natsu (Summer of Kikujiro, 1999) is a road-movie. Only in a road-movie the viewer can find a true perception of time, that is to say, an imense adventure that begins in such a particular way that no-one even thinks that it will eventually end. Childhood, in the same way, thinks that it'll never mature into something else. Innocently, the kid doesn't want the Summer to end. Such is the same feeling when we watch Kikujiro no Natsu: as kids, not wanting it to end. Now, all that is left is an inexplicable emotion: nostalgia. A smiling way to cry.

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