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Japanese Film Blogathon 2010 - Second and Third Surveys!

In order to start the 2nd Edition of the Japanese Film Blogathon with the right spirit (thinking about the readers and the community), we propose you two new polls about your choices and taste regarding Japanese Cinema! To vote check on the right side of the blog. Both polls end in the 11th of December, so don't wait, vote and feel free to comment!


What's your favorite Era of Japanese Cinema?

1) Beggining of 1900's to end of the 1930's

2) Beggining of 1940's to end of the 1950's

3) Beggining of 1960's to end of the 1960's

4) Beggining of 1970's to end of the 1980's

5) Beggining of 1990's to end of the 2000's

Regarding Japanese Cinema, what's your favorite genre?

a) Jidai-geki*/Chambara**

b) Horror/ Monster Movie

c) Yakuza /Gangster Movie

d) Gendai-geki***/ Shomin-geki****

e) Pinku*****/ Roman-Porno

f) Anime

* The term “jidaigeki” literally means “period piece,” with most jidaigeki dramas being set in the Edo Period of Japanese history, which ran from the early 1600s to 1868.
**In Japan, the term chambara is used for this genre, literally "sword fighting" movies. Chanbara is a sub-category of jidaigeki, which equates to period drama. Jidaigeki may refer to a story set in an historical period, though not necessarily dealing with a samurai character or depicting swordplay.
***Gendaigeki is a genre in which the stories are contemporary dramas set in the modern world.
****A genre dealing with lower-middle-class Japanese family life.
*****Pink film is a style of Japanese softcore pornographic theatrical film. Films of this genre first appeared in the early 1960s, and dominated the Japanese domestic cinema from the mid-1960s through the mid-1980s.

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