quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

The Ceremony [Gishiki]

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  1. Fantastic work with ATG Issues. I know that your previous uploads are hosted in MU, what a mess... Do you believe that MF may be closed too? I'll keep uploading to MF as always.

  2. Hello Ejiki,

    At the momment nobody knows what will happen to the direct download sites (MF might be in the future shutdown too, who knows). The situation is very fragile and the Internet as we know it might also change - to worse. I, and anyone with the minimum of inteligence, don't want that to happen. Just because some fat capitalists decide to whine to the US government, does that mean that we have to alienate our rights (all over the world?). Just because creating new laws to the Internet is a hard task, does that mean that they can play the dirty totalitarist game and close sites and arrest people? Entertainment should entertain not create a policy of fear.